Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Anchorage Day

We settled into a city run campground yesterday which has no hookups but has nice tree'd sites. It also has a bunch of people who basically live there in tents. There is a 14 day limit but they let you move to a different site at that point. It is kind of sad.

Most of today we spend doing some shopping and organizing and just randomly exploring Anchorage. We haven't been in a city this big in a long time.
We also visited the Anchorage Museum which has a lot of good exhibits explaining the history of Alaska.

They also have a great used bookstore, nothing like Powell's in Portland but pretty good.

And they have Carl's Jr here so I took the opportunity to have a Santa-Fe Chicken Sandwich my favorite fast food sandwich!

I wasn't really taking pictures today so these are just kind of random things.

Above is one of the oldest building left in Anchorage.

They have a great set up bike trails which we plan to explore tomorrow!

Tonight we had dinner atHumpy's a brewery/restaurant with John Murphy a friend of my brothers from high school!

He is the same as I remember him and his family is really nice.  It was cool his trip to Alaska crossed paths with ours.

We have a Murphy coming to visit us in a few weeks too!

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