Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Russian River Salmon and the Bears that eat them.

On the drive from fishing mecca Soldotna to Small Town Alaska town Hope we stopped at the Russian River for lunch and a hike.

We had to pay $11 day use fee which sometimes seem steep when you consider we often camp overnight for $15.
After a false start of the hike near the river where the fishing people fish we re-started on the proper trail head.

After what seems like a longer hike than a couple of miles we reached the viewing platform where we could watch the Salmon fighting their way upstream to spawn.

The little guys try really hard and watching it almost seems impossible that any make.
For one the river is going up hill with many falls and rushing rapids. We watched for a while and then went to leave when a trio of bears wandered into the river to catch some fish.

There was a mom and two cubs, only the mom could successfully catch the salmon, she did share it with the cubs.
In a short period of time we saw her catch about 8 or 10 fish. Given that you could see hundreds of fish in the pool she was swimming in it made sense.

I'd say she is as good as any fisherman we've watched and she doesn't even need a dip net or a license!
 Enjoying the catch!
 Cub is eating his share of the fish!
 Got another!
This one is a fighter!

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