Monday, July 9, 2012

On to Anchorage!

Today we drove from the glacier to Anchorage, it was a pretty short and uneventful drive.

Before we got to Anchorage we stopped at a Musk OX farm.

This cute tiny camper was there. We didn't see inside but the owners said it gets very cozy inside.
The Musk OX have a pretty nice view!
They are kind of cute, this farm is attempting to domesticate them, although it doesn't seem like it is going to well.

Their under fur is 9 times warmer than Wool and very expensive. Tiny hats or scarves made from it cost hundreds of dollars.

I bet it is because they only produce a little fur and eat a lot!

We took a tour but they don't really show you enough of the workings of the farm. Mostly they just tell you all the animal's names which isn't that interesting.

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