Friday, July 27, 2012

Hope to Girdwood Day

All of us have really enjoyed Hope, we aren't in a rush for our next destination so we spend the morning relaxing and walking around Hope some more.

The Quake destroyed a bunch of Hope and other things were moved to higher ground.  All around town are heavy things too much trouble to move. I saw engine blocks, various machinery and this washing machine.
This cool old Dodge truck was tucked in some overgrowth.  There was gold rush here at once point and I'm sure many more people than there are today. But this is true for half of the Alaskan towns.
 Someone has this cute little cabin, I over-exposed the shot but who cares. Looking at a little real estate we find a very new 1 bedroom cabin right near the main part of town with 2 acres for $85,000.

So close to so much outdoors fun and Anchorage makes Hope a weekend get-away for people form the city.
A nice little cabin with a art gallery out back.
Inside the museum there are a bunch of old things from the town, and a lot of great old pictures.

Also two old and very opinionated men who give us all some history lessons about Hope.  They chastise my brother when he is only 1/2 paying attention to what they are saying.

Later they show some people around the buildings of the museum and we manage to avoid them.

The gardens around town are very well decked out with flowers. Some I have never seen before like these.

There were at least 3 different color combinations of these interesting flowers.
After lunch we finally get on the road for Girdwood AK. Girdwood is a Ski resort town outside of Anchorage. It seems pretty swanky.

We are parking for 2 nights at the resort for $10 a night. Dry camping but you can't beat the price and it is the only camping option that doesn't involve a 5 mile dirt road!
People para-sail from the top of the mountain and also Mtn Bike down the slopes.

The resort is really fancy and I mean that by normal standards not just Alaska Fancy.
Here is our $10 camping spot. A bunch of other people camp here with us, but later they close the parking lot and no more campers come in. It is for a 2 night concert but they don't make us leave so all is good.

Tomorrow we will do a big hike, Sadly there are a few I'd like to do but we are running out of time for our one fixed date the reservation we have in Denali National Park.

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