Friday, July 13, 2012

Rain Day and drive to Seward

It was cloudy the entire time we spent in Anchorage. We spent a down day doing a bit more shopping and seeing a movie.

There are more hikes and things to do around Anchorage but we are heading down to Seward today and will hit some more stuff around Anchorage on the way back.

On the drive to Seward we saw lots of sheep.
They are excellent hikers, the road to Seward it twisty and crowded it is kind of like heading to the Cape on a weekend. People head to the Kenai from Anchorage and we have bad timing to be doing it on a Friday when everyone else is doing it.

But it really isn't as bad, there is no bridge or rotary to clog up the works.
We stop along the way at a meat store where you can drop moose, bear, etc off to be processed.

They sell all sorts of meat and we get some Reindeer Stew meat, Elk Coldcuts and a Moose Summer Sausage! Yum!

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