Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Anchorage to Talkeetna!

After a nice time in Girdwood we swung back through Anchorage for a couple of nights at our favorite Centennial Park Campground.

Mostly we did a lot of shopping for the next stint of our trip in Denali National Park. Our friend Paul did a cool boat trip to a glacier while we shopped.

Then we hit the road to Talkeetna. Here is my brother standing where you would see the mountain if it was out.
 Here is another picture of where Denali should be, but wasn't visible.
Talkeetna is like a bit like Hope except a little bigger and with a lot more tourists. We went out to eat at a place that had been on Man V Food for a giant Caribou Burger.

I did have a Elk burger but it wasn't giant. They had a good selection of beers too.
This was the place we ate, the West Rib Pub and Grill. Overall it was OK, but it was sunny and we did eat outside so that was all good stuff.

Now that is a vehicle to tour around it! I am not sure it really even goes anywhere.
There is a peek at the mountain... it is the white thing peeking up above the clouds!

Still that is only a 5% view... many people never see more than this while travelling through Alaska.

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