Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Finally into Denali National Park!

Finally we are here at Denali National Park! Woo Hoo!

Tomorrow is our reservation for Teklanika Campground which is 29 miles into the park, but before we get cut off from the entire world we are spending a night in Reilly Creek Campground to get situated.

Denali is a complicated park to visit as you can only really get around on their green busses, more on that later.
I snapped this picture of some ranger programs we can see out at our campground.

And some ranger hikes we can go on, as long as we sign up! Again Denali isn't the easiest park to access and you can only sign up for these at certain locations and up to 2 days in advance.

Giant relief map of the park in the visitor center.

We get to drive 29 miles into the park which is the furthest you can drive, but you can only go to and from the campground and nothing else.
Reilly Creek has a small shop, showers, launder and most importantly a place to check into our reservation.

We also buy our "Tek Pass" which is a bus ticket we can use to ride the green park buses for our entire stay. Here is a kicker of the park... you can only get 1 guaranteed trip on the bus, all others are on a first come first serve basis.

We booked our trip for Friday as Paul leaves Saturday and this way will see the whole park.

Turns our we emptied a propane tank so Will and Paul go get it filled along with one for my brother.

 The rest of us take walk over to the Princess lodge so my brother can figure out if he was there or not 10 years ago.

The lodge is in what the locals call Glitter Gultch, basically tourist trap stuff outside the park with lots of knick-nacks and fleece for sale.

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