Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ferry To Dawson

We woke up in out Yukon campsite and noticed how dirty the trailer got driving a few hundred miles on dirt and gravel roads.

To get to Dawson we have to cross the Yukon River, lucky for us the Yukon Government provides a free ferry.

This is our trailer's first trip on a boat! It is cool even if it is only a 10 minute ride.
All aboard!
Today's ferry driver starts the trip out with a 180 degree pivot and he takes a slightly different route to the other side.
The river looks a lot calmer than it is, the current is actually very strong and it kind of swings the boat all by itself.
The boat basically grounds itself by lowering the ramp you drive off. It lifts the front half of the boat a few feet up out of the water.

The boat can hold 130,000 pounds so this load of cars isn't a struggle at all.
We did bump the hitch coming off the ramp but not too bad at all, nothing we haven't done before in a parking lot.

The view hanging out my car window as you aren't allowed out of your vehicle during the crossing.
These people are all sitting on a hill to watch some kind of mud bog event which we didn't go to but I google'd an image and we should have gone it looks like fun!

We just chilled most of the day in our campground catching up on blog posts and enjoying the sun!

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