Thursday, August 9, 2012

Exiting Denali National Park

Sadly yesterday was our last full day in the park. Today we had to drive out which we planned to do after a leisurely morning.

That changed when the weather was great and we realized there was a viewpoint for the mountain on the way out.
Driving in through the park you get so many different views of different terrains and rivers etc.
Around ever turn is another place you could hike for days and days.

You could spend years here and never hike the same way twice.

Finally we got to the Denali viewing spot, lucky for us there was a big turnout where we could park the trailers.

Technically we are only supposed to make minimal stops with our special camping driving permit.  We only really make this one stop, but we make it count by hanging out most of the day.
We watch the mountain for a while and see a bear walking across the tundra. We can only really make him out with binoculars but it is still cool watch.

We hike up a small hill behind the parking area to get a different view.
We also find a few great patches of blueberries and my brother and I go back for containers and each manage to pick about 6 cups each!

There will be more cobbler for sure.
After we exit the park we find no openings at the outside campground but we do get Ice-cream!

Eventually we find a campground out of town and squeeze our trailers into the tiny tiny sites.

Tired from a long week of hiking we decide to hit a local brewery for dinner instead of cooking.

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