Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Angel Rocks Hike

Today we did a long hike leaving right from the Hot Springs, we are camping at the Hot Springs which is really convenient.  They are the end of the road literally.
We tacked on a side trail to Bear Paw Butte to the hike which ended up to kind of be a waste of effort.

It made the hike a bit too long and wasn't even a good viewpoint.
Once we got up high the hike was mostly a ridge walk but a very rolling ridge walk.

According to my brothers GPS we gained over 3000 feet of altitude.
The views were really good.
 Trail down the ridge.

This was one of the Angel Rocks. It is a Tor area with giant rocks jutting out of the hillside.

We were tired and didn't explore much before turning around to make the 7 mile trek back home.

Here you can see the adult pool which is outside and not treated with chemicals like Chlorine. It is nice an peaceful unlike the pool inside which allows children playing marco-polo.
A better view of the outdoor pool, for 10$ you can go in all day. The water feel better today as we are sore and it is bit cooler.

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