Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chena Hot Springs

From Fairbanks we jump onto Chena Hotsprings Road and head out to you guessed it, Chena Hot Springs!

The property has natural hot springs at 165 degrees, it was owned by the state but was sold off because it wasn't profitable.
Now some real earthy crunchy types own it and have turned it into a profitable business. They grow a lot of the food the restaurant needs and heat the place with the water's natural heat and even use the water to generate electricity.
And they have puppies! And dogsled teams.
And their puppies like to dig!

There are a few adult dogs up for adoption but Will won't let me get one!
 Super Cute!
And we still have blueberry cobbler left!

After checking out the dogs and dinner we take a soak in the hot springs the water is HOT and the weather is probably too warm for hot springs. The locals like to come here when it is -40 F.

That would be cool.

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