Friday, August 31, 2012

Opal Hill Loop and Lake Maligne

Big male bugling on the side of the road, although the sound was really rather wimpy compared to the set of antlers he had.

Later we saw him charging a white van that parked a little too close to him.

It is rutting season and that makes them more unpredictable.
We drove out to Maligne Lake which is really nice and has a giant mountain behind it.

You can take boat rides that go out to a tea house and have crazy expensive tea but instead we are going hiking.
We are hiking the Opal Loop that takes you high above the lake. The trail is very steep and we are feeling a little slow and take a break.

During the break this deer just walks right out of the trees to pay us a visit.
He isn't scared of us nor is he begging for food, he just goes about his business.

Finally we get to the Apline Meadow we were promised in the trail description.

It is big and wide surrounded by higher peaks.  There would normally be lots of wild flowers but it is too late in the season for that.

Another shot of the mountain behind the lake. I can't remember what it is called and I can think about were the great baked goods at the Lake side cafe!
We saw this guy on the way back to the car from the cafe, you can still see the felt on his antlers.
We also spied this black bear eating berries on the drive back to the campground.

It is going to be a quiet night tonight we are tired from hiking all day.

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