Friday, August 17, 2012

Heading to Chicken

We only spent 1 night in Delta Junction and other than visiting the visitor center we didn't do any tourist stuff.

It did complete our traversal of the Alaska Highway even if we didn't do it all in one shot or even all in the same direction.
Every town in Alaska has a board bragging about how cold it gets in the winter.
They have the same type of marker here that they had in Dawson Creek so we posed for a picture there as well.
For the record Sea Otter is the softest of all these furs. You can feel why people hunted the cute little guys, they are way nicer than even the mink and marten.
We are taking the Taylor Highway to Chicken, it is a great road way up in the mountains with great views and very few cars.

Only the first 60 miles are paved and it is all closed in winter when it used only by snow machines.
I am pretty sure there are even more blueberries up here and at a stop for an overlook I find some.

But I just pick a few to eat right then.

Finally we make it to Chicken, AK and that is basically the entire town! Just 3 businesses all owned by the same woman who we meet and chat with about dogs as she is famous for having a 20 year old 3 legged dog. So instantly she warms up to 17 year old deaf, half blind and toothless Maxwell.

That old dog is long gone and she has a new diabetic dog who wears a harness that asks people please not to feed me.  They are an interesting bunch, in addition to the owner they have a bartender who happens to be from Massachusetts and a traditional Alaskan Grumpy Guy. The shop is full of bad bad chicken related merchandise such as t-shirts that say "I got laid (egg joke) in Chicken.". Did I mention the is no public electricity, phone or water. They have generators, water tanks and have to haul their sewage out to Tok AK!

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