Sunday, August 26, 2012

Boya Lake to Stewart on the Cassiar Highway

When I woke up this morning Boya Lake was completely smooth so I snapped a few pictures.
The clouds were very dramatic.
Since this was a single night stay we didn't even un-hitch. So after breakfast we were ready to go.

We continues our drive on the Cassiar Highway which prevents us from going back the way we went on the Al-can Highway.
There were signs for horses and low and behold we saw one wander across the road. They are wild or anything the people who live along the lonely road just let them roam free.
Something like 90% of the worlds Jade comes from this area and we stopped at Jade World to check it out.

We couldn't tour the mines or anything but I did get some rough jade to make something out of when I get home.

They actually only mine and design the jade here and then ship most of it to China to be carved. Crazy!

Some other minerals collected near here.
This road is pretty quiet almost nothing along the road barely even a gas station every 100 miles or so. But the mountain views are great.

The road is in good condition too only having been completely chip-sealed (kind of like pavement but not as nice) in the last 10 or so years. Before that it was dirt!
We are heading to Stewart BC which also border Hyder Alaska both of which are on the cost down the Portland Canal a long Fjord leading to the Pacific Ocean.
They are very sleep towns, there isn't much here except for bears, a couple of glaciers and a mine or two.
Moon rise over the mountains around the fjord.

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