Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cathedral Mountain Hike with Kimber

Today we are signed up for another Disco (Short for Discovery) Hike with a ranger. It is close to our campground so we only have to ride the bus for a little bit. We are going to hike up Cathedral Mountain. 

We start the hike by walking up this stream drainage, which is a common way to start hikes.

Our ranger today is Kimber, short for Kimberley and we learn she shortened it based on the character in the Jem and the Holograms cartoon.

We are about the same age so this makes sense to me and one other person on the hike but know one else knows the reference.
And here we go hiking up out of the drainage up and up the mountain.

Our group today is funny as it is comprised of us, our ranger and another ranger and woman who also works in the park.

There is our destination peak. They often look higher and farther than they are.

We keep a easy pace and stop for lunch and to talk about what "Wilderness" means to us.

Here I am almost at the top. It was a lot of loose rock to climb up. It really looked looser than it was.

Views from near and around the top.
I left my camera in the trailer as it was still drying out. So these are taken with an old backup camera that I brought with us.  It is taking odd pinkish photos but I did my best to correct the colors.
It was a great hike, no tundra at all which was a nice change from fighting out way up the tundra and tussocks on the last hike.
I like this picture Will took of me I look really skinny, and actually I have lost weight on the trip, although the amount I am not sure of. At least 2 belt holes.

After checking out some other knobs near the main peak we set off down the mountain. Here I am following ranger Kimber and ranger Brian down. It was another great ranger hike!

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