Monday, August 27, 2012

Hyder Alaska and the Salmon Glacier

Crossing the border to Hyder Alaska from British Columbia was easy as there is no US Customs there.

We are driving to Summit Lake up dirt mountain road.

First we stopped to try and see bears eating sad Salmon who are fading fast after spawning.
We weren't there at a very good time to catch the bears and only saw salmon and a lot of tired people waiting to see bears.

Actually we saw a black bear on the road right before turning into the viewing area but he never showed up on the river.
The dirt road we are driving is twisty and narrow at times. One false move and we end up falling down the mountain.

The road is also an active mining road so occasionally trucks come barreling along the road.
It is a very pretty ride even if parts of the road are full of potholes that rattly the car no matter how slow I drive.

We stop about 2/3 of the way to Summit Lake to eat lunch at an overlook where you can see Salmon Glacier.

Salmon Glacier is much bigger than the other ones we've seen. Additionally out vantage point means we get to see a lot more of the entire glacier all at once.

Later we get to an even better over look for the glacier! This overlook is where the Glacier takes a big turn. Now we can really see a lot of the glacier where normally it just turns behind a mountain out of view.
There is Summit Lake, LOL. OK it isn't there right now because every July the entire lake empties out when the ice dam holding the water back melts.

That pile of ice is at the bottom right of the picture is all that is left of the giant lake which fills that valley in the winter and spring.

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