Friday, August 10, 2012

The easy parts of Denali

Today we visited the parts of the park that most people see. This is the area just around the visitor center and parking lots.

There are some short hiking trails as well as the Dog Kennel which we go to visit.
It is actually sad to see so many people at the park asking the rangers where they can see the mountain only to be told that you cant see it from the entrance and that the weather has to be perfect.

Many people walk away a little ticked off.
In the winter these dogs pull rangers all over the park to do science and setup winter trails for XC Skiing and hiking.

No motorized vehicles are used at all in the park over the winter.
The dogs seem hot, I guess because it is 60 degrees and they are used to running in below zero temperatures.

More puppy play!
One of the pups hanging out with an older dog who is either a trouble maker or eats rocks and needs to be in a concrete kennel.
They do a presentation on the dog sled team and then the ranged rides a sled around a short course.

The sled it modified with some wheels but still moves like a sled.
These dogs eat, sleep and breath running, it is all they want to do!

We also checked out a great science center that has information on all the science projects going on in the park.

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