Saturday, August 11, 2012

Healy to Fairbanks

Today was a driving day from Healy outside Denali to Fairbanks.

We stopped here in Nenana to have lunch.
There isn't much to this town but a bridge, a store, an Inn and on special contest.
The town runs a contest where you bet the date and the time that the ice will break up on the river.

This book is a list of all the guesses and there are a lot of them.
The pod on the right is placed on the ice during the winter and a rope attached to a mechanism in the tower on the left.

When the ice officially breaks the tower has sunk enough in the river to topple over and pull a pin out that hold a cleaver up.

The cleaver falls and cuts a rope and the date and time is recorded.

I think all sorts of horns go off as well and the town probably throws a giant party.

The prize is over $ 300,000 so we all enter!
Old train station building.

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