Saturday, September 1, 2012

Maligne Canyon Hike

I am way behind on my blogging and the name of this mountain escapes me, but it was still beautiful.

After driving around the park some more we ended up at Maligne Canyon to a loop hike.
There a half-dozen or so bridges that cross the canyon, at one of them is closed but we hike to it anyway.
At some points the river actually goes into and then comes back out of the canyon walls.

This is one of the few places we've gone hiking where there are a lot of people.

The canyon is very deep at some points and the river create large waterfalls.

This was probably the largest of the waterfalls.

At the end of the hike we checked out some fossils although they were very hard to see even with a picture and only about a 4 by 4 feet piece of rock to look at

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