Sunday, September 16, 2012

Full day in Chicago

This morning the weather is great, I am feeling a bit under the weather but we head out to do some sight-seeing.

We started out at the Museum of Science and Industry.  It is a big museum and I am glad we are here while it is dead. I can see this place being crowded and a zoo.
They have a lot of cool and even working exhibits, usually I find most science museums are 1/2 broken.

This train set is awesome it has several different tracks and areas. The Chicago City area is really cool.

You could control the speed of this thing rotating, at different speeds the sand mixture behaves like a solid or a fluid or a transitional state.  At another station you can actually record videos of it and watch them in slow-mo, pretty cool stuff.
After the museum we headed north to see my friend Dan and his girlfriend.

He's been in Chicago for a few years and probably is leaving this winter so it is good we are here to see him now.

The neighborhood he lives in is having a huge street fair which we checkout. This kid is some world champion "slack liner", a sport I have never heard of or seen before.  He's 15 I think although I thought he was more like 10 from his height and size.

It was great to hangout with Dan and meet his girlfriend, they will likely be living in South America somewhere by the winter. But we might just have to go visit them there when they do.

It is sunday and we are in Chicago so in the evening we head out to Sidetracks one of my favorite bars.  We only stayed a couple hours but it was fun.

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