Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lets try another.

It was way too far from Fallingwater to my parents house so we had to find a place to stay in between.

There was another gay campground pretty much in the right spot so we decided to check it out.

It was much bigger than the last one and seemed like it was going to be busy for the weekend. We were probably lucky to have pulled in on a thursday in order to get a site. We setup in the "Oops" site as they call it which is kind of a seasonal that they never fill in case of overbooking issues.

The facilities are nice with a great pool, 2 sand volleyball courts and 2 hot tubs and a cafe. They have a lot of seasonal and they really do up their campsites. Most of the seasonal have huge decks and or outdoor patio rooms and landscaping and fish ponds.  They are like little neighborhoods.

The camp also has a little lake with a dock and some boats.  Like last time the weather isn't really that great but we sat out by the pool and read for a while and enjoyed the hot tub.  I did actually go in the pool which was slightly heated but I went straight back into the hot tub to warm up.

Come friday a lot of campers showed up in addition to all the perms. There was a pretty fun party with free beer since they don't have a liquor license. You could leave a donation which would fun the next weeks party.  We toyed with staying for all of saturdays fun which starts at 3pm but we were too tired and instead got on the road for my parents. The driving through eastern PA and NJ NY isn't the easiest but it all went smoothly and we got to my parents in no time, it was only about 130 miles or so.

All in all "The Woods" Campground seems like it would be worth coming back to for a week sometime. Lots of fun people and plenty to do in the Poconos area.

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