Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Jackson Center OH

There is nothing in Jackson Center OH except the factory and a gas station. I mean it, it is practically a ghost town.

We drove out to the Armstrong Air and Space Museum nearby. It is a cool looking building, but the museum is a bit sad and in need of some updates.
I did learn a bunch of interesting stuff about the moon shots and it later helped me while watching Jeopardy the next night when the final answer was about the moon-buggy.

Here is a really old Airstream Trailer.
We are camping at the factory in what the call the TerraPort, it is a nice place to hangout actually and is basically free if you are having service done.

Here is a view inside a trailer that is being completely gutted and re-built.

Our service appointment is now next week so we have some time to kill.

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