Sunday, September 2, 2012

Jasper Tramway and the Lodge

Today's weather is awesome we haven't seen weather this clear in a while! The only problem is today is also Sunday and a lot of people are all trying to enjoy the weather.

When we get to the Jasper Tram there is a huge line and a parking disaster going on. We end up buying tickets for an afternoon ride instead of sitting around here for an hour and half.

Instead we drove back to town and checked out the Jasper Museum which was small but well done.  And they had a 1$ book bin where I snagged a entertaining science textbook for highschool kids published in 1935.
We ate lunch outside the museum on some benches and it was already time to head back to the tram for our "Flight" as they call the ride.

It is only a 7 minute ride to the top and we cram into the car with about 30 people and head up to the top.
Well once at the top you can forget that great weather because it is windy! Really really windy.

Still we do the 1.5 km hike to the peak.
My brother is flying!
All this mountain top snow is pretty new as many of the mountains had no snow when we arrived a few days ago. The Fall is here!

You do get a great view from the top, you can see every direction.

There is plenty more we could do in Jasper NP it is a big place and there is always another trail to hike.

We head back home and make dinner and plan to checkout the Lodge after.
The lodge is very nice, they have huge fireplace but it isn't lit tonight since it is warm enough but it will probably make for a cozy atmosphere in a week or so when it is colder.
We had thought there might be free Wifi but there wasn't, only at the visitors center in town.

We did have a couple of drinks and a relaxing time hanging out.
Every lodge needs some taxidermy.
And some first nations art as well.
See how relaxed Will looks, if he had a book we'd probably have sat there till they threw us out.

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