Thursday, September 6, 2012

A couple of days in Calgary

Yesterday we pulled into Calgary, for a big city there is a great campground in the burbs very close to downtown. We did a Costco and shopping run to re-supply and relaxed.

Today we went up the Calgary Tower to get a view of the city.
It wasn't crowded at all and you just pay and go up and down as you like during the day.

We had great weather today which makes walking around the city a lot more fun.

The cops wear cowboy hats but the rest of their uniform is ugly.
This is the first real city we have been to in months.
Will is standing on the glass floor portion of the tower, those things always freak me out.

Calgary downtown is really nice and a entire street is closed off for only foot traffic. We are walking around at lunchtime and all the suited office workers are enjoying the sun. It has been a while since we've seen people in suits.
There is also a nice trail out along the river that is a lot like the Esplanade in Boston.

We've decided this is our last stop travelling with my brother so we found a nice brewery to have a fair-well dinner. This one was tucked in an old military base.

The beer and food was good, the beers were extra large but my brother drove so it didn't matter.
Travelling together has been a lot of fun.  It was very easy and relaxed.

I am sure we will take another trip together sometime in the future.

My brother looks sad that we are leaving.

Either that or he ate an entire dessert all by himself and is feeling sick!

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