Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Short stop in Banff

We spent some time driving and walking around Banff to start the day.

Like Jasper it is a nice town with a lot of shops and restaurants. Like any Ski town things are pretty expensive but nice.

All the streets were named for animals which is cute. And the views of the surrounding mountains are great.

We ate lunch at a little coffee/sandwich bar that was good but the sandwiches were a bit lean on the fillings.
We did some actual shopping mostly looking for sneakers and possibly a new small backpack for me. But prices were too high and some of the sales people were a putting on a bit too much pressure which turns me off completely.

Banff really deserves a bunch of days but we will come back on another trip, we can't see everything on one trip.

We didn't plan on doing much today so we all relaxed. We are in a campground without hookups or anything so I headed back to the coffee shop and caught up on the blog posts and enjoyed a snack. I was way behind and this took a lot of time.

After dinner we went to yet another hot springs which was a little nicer than the ones outside of Jasper. These may be our last hot springs!  It is too bad we don't have back home.

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