Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Just Driving in SD and WI

These last two days have been mostly driving days.

We did stop a the Wall Drug store which is an enormous complex.

For hundreds of miles before you get there you see signs every 1000 feet advertising the place.

A lot like Pedro's South of the Border except the signs are much more simple.
 Instead of puns the signs advertise free ice water and 5 cent coffee.

When the people first owned the store it was small and they weren't getting much business from all the cars driving by.

This was a long time ago before AC in cars and they realized offering free ice water was all they needed to do in order to get people to stop. From there the place grew to the abomination of a tourist trap that it is now.
We actually ended up eating lunch at the cafe which was a good thing as we realized we locked ourselves out of our trailer.  Long story how that happened but it involved a broken key and an accidental locking of a lock.

We have trailer road side assistance so we plan to call when we get into the next town.
Back on the road we keep chugging and eventually stop at rest area for a bathroom break and we decide to try breaking into the trailer.

Turns out Will fits into the external door that leads to the under bed storage and manages to wiggle into the trailer!

We are no longer locked out of the trailer! That saves us waiting for the Roadside assistance. Walmart is our home for the night in Mitchel SD, they don't have blanks for the key we need made but the next store down Menard's does so I get a replacement key.

The next day we drive to La Cross, WI stopping only to get some great meat in a tiny town with a great smoke house. It is another Walmart for tonight and it is across the street from a bowling alley so I went to bowl a few games to get back into practice for my league.  I am really really rusty!

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