Thursday, September 27, 2012


With our late start yesterday we drove to a Walmart that was as close as possible to Fallingwater a Frank Lloyd Wright house in PA.

We took the trail there in the morning and had tickets for a 10:30 tour.  The house is really cool, it was one of his final houses built for a rich department store tycoon.

The house is built over a set of waterfalls and reflect the structure of the waterfall all through its architecture.

What I always like about these houses is how they feel like a home and grand without being gigantic monstrosities.

I love the fact that there is almost as much if not more outdoor patio space than there is indoor space.

Sadly you can't take pictures inside. Our tour guide is from the area and she is great. She has a lot of enthusiasm for the house and knows her stuff.

Much of the furniture inside was build by FLW himself. Although he only visited the project a few times during it's construction. The furniture mimics the house a lot with cantilevers and open spaces.

If you are ever in the area you should checkout the tour.

Since this is an on the road stop we have a quick lunch at the cafe and get back on the road. We are getting very close to home and frankly that is hard to believe.

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