Monday, July 23, 2012

Old Kenai

We did a historic tour of Old Kenai today, it was on foot and self guided.

It really wasn't Old Kenai tour though, as most of the building we saw were brought there and were not part of Kenai itself. Still some were pretty cool.
This Russian church was one of the few you could go in and it is still in use as a church.

One of the old buildings was now a Cafe and I really needed a coffee to warm up but it was closed today.

Did I mention still no sun to speak of!

This old prop plane buzzed over as we were walking around.
This part of Kenai was on a big bluff over the water. Where of course hundreds of people where fishing. We may be the only NOT fishing.

At the right time of year you can see Beluga Whales from this point.

Right now you can see dip-netters. This is an even easier for of Salmon fishing where you dip a large next into the water and wait Salmon to swim into it.  Only real Alaskans Citizens who have been in Alaska more than a year are allowed to Dip Net.

After the walk around town we watched a video of Alaskan animals at the visitor center, it was pretty good actually.

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