Saturday, July 7, 2012

Roadside Disctractions

Today we drove from Chitina to the Matanuska Glacier or at least a campground near it.

Along the way we decided to stop to see what was billed as a "Mud Volcano".  The hike began in a campground and we had to pay 5$ each to park. We ate lunch before the hike and then got started.

After a false start we found the real trail and hiked through some rain and drizzle.
 Sadly the "Volcano" were really more like mud puddles. Actually they are really natural springs that bring mud up to the service. They supposedly do mound up a bit like volcano but with the rain everything is flat.

The hiking trail was marked with CDs nailed to trees and there was a lot of scat along the way.

In the mud there were a lot of animal tracks but it was raining so hard by this time we just hiked back to the trailers.

At least we had warm trailers and fresh clothes to change into before driving on.
My camera got a little too wet and freaked out for a while, but after drying out a bit I finally got it working and took this test shot of Maxwell.

Our campground has a great view of surrounding mountains even if it is kind of a parking lot style campground. It only has about 24 sites so it is just one row which is nice.

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