Thursday, July 19, 2012

Walking the Spit

We woke up today to a sad sea otter dragging itself around the beach. It seems to have gotten stranded when the tide went out.

It's back legs don't seem to work, Maureen calls it in to the Sea Life center and they explain it might be a disease that causes numb rear legs.

They say someone will come out and check, but that they will probably do nothing because that is their sea otter policy.

They do eventually come and rope of the otter so no one bothers it. And they explain it may just be very old. We take a walk down the entire spit (8+ miles) and when we get back the tide is hide but we aren't sure what happened to the poor sea otter.

Luckily we started our walk at low tide or else we could not have walked down the beach at all.
We watched a helicopter carry this green house across the water somewhere where you can't drive to.

Must be expensive to ship things this way!
People out horse riding on the beach!
Lots and lots of sea gulls.
The camp host at one of the campgrounds had this cool converted bus.
The beach is pretty windy for tents, but this person has built a rock wall to protect their tent.

Cute sleeping very old German Shepard. He barely woke up at all when we pet him.

What a huge head he has!
More entertaining dogs on the spit! The spit is covered with little stores and food places along short boardwalks.

Here is the sun setting at our campground, it is around 10 PM and the sun will finally set around 11 PM.

Not that it gets dark, although I did wake up at 2:30 AM and it was almost dark, but still no stars at all.

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