Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fort St James

Another mostly driving day, can you tell we are kind of in "on the way home" mode?

We took at significant detour to visit Fort St James an old fort where people are dressed in period garb and tell you about the past.
It held a large fur trade trading post back in the day before the demand for fur dropped off.

We took Maxwell around the Fort as he was allowed which was fun!
Most of the buildings are original and in very good shape.
Normally I don't like people dressed up at my tourist attraction but the people here are good and seem to know their stuff.
Will stops for a little rest in an old reclining chair. You remove the foot rest climb in and put the foot rest back on, he claims it is actually comfortable.
The Hudson Bay Company had got furs from here and ran a store, this was their office.
 Animal traps!
The store is all setup as it was back in the day.
The old products are pretty authentic. A giant gaggle of school kids are here and they are trading at the trading post, I think mostly for taffy.

Did I mention the Chickens? We got there too late but they have Chicken Races every day!

They are very fancy chickens at that!
Maxwell didn't seem to notice the chickens nor did they seem to notice him.
The chicken lady prepares cookies on an old timey stove and I bought one for each of us for 50 cents each.

Al later went back and got the recipe for the cookies... they are very rich!

We continue our Journey all the way to Prince George a pretty big city that even has a Costco and Walmart.  We end up deciding to camp at the Walmart, we haven't done it in a while and it is so late it isn't worth finding a campground.  In a moment of weakness we also walk over to Fat Burger to eat out for dinner. I was craving a burger anyway.  We also got our shopping done at the Walmart.

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