Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Midnight Dome Hike

Since we haven't got much exercise the last few days we did a hike today.

The hike was up Midnight Dome which is right behind the city of Dawson.

This shot is of the beginning of where the mining starts outside of town.
We hiked a 5 mile round trip to the top, it is almost 2000 feet of elevation gain in a very short hike, meaning it was steep and hard.

We got pretty sweaty but it wasn't too bad. Did I mention we could have driven up? That would have been no fun!
The view from the top is great and there is plenty of sun.  We talk to a couple who drove up in that small van RV who are travelling for two months with two large dogs.  Seems like a tight squeeze! Of course I play with the dogs a bit.
We take their picture (with their dogs) and they take ours.

Their daughter is starting her own kennel near Whitehorse and they are helping her get setup in her mushing career, how cool is that!
This bench was "Yarn Bombed", I don't what that is but can checkout Yarn Bomb Yukon Website for more exciting yarn bombings!
Here is a view of Dawson from the top! It is a cool little city. A bit out of the way but I am happy we made the dirt road loop to see it and Chicken as they were both very unique.
Apparently they also Yarn Bombed the DC-3 in Whitehorse, watch the video.. Everyone needs a hobby!

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