Thursday, August 30, 2012

Jasper National Park

Driving into Jasper on the highway you stop at a gate where you pay for the time you will spend in the park. It is a very trusting system as you don't have to pay if you are just driving through.

 Anyway we are worried about the holiday weekend making it hard to camp, but the woman at the gate says it won't be a problem and sends us to one of the smaller campgrounds.

It has no hookups but that is fine it is really nice those pictures of the river above were taken from the campground.

We settled into the campground and I made a fire and cooked up some dinner. If you get a fire permit you get unlimited wood which is nice.

These last two pictures are some of the goats and sheep we saw driving around the park.
The mountains here were all pushed up when continents slammed together shoving the layers of the land high into the air. You can see the layers up-ended at 45 degree angle and sometimes bend completely up and down several times.
After dinner is over we decide to jump in the car and take a 45 minute drive up to the hot springs.

While they are not at natural a setting at Liard River they are very hot and soothing.

And the view of the surrounding mountains is awesome.
They have 2 cold pools which are way too cold and two warm pools that are at 100 degrees and 104 degrees.

It was also nice to take a good shower!

Did I mention we had pie and ice cream when we were done soaking!

That is a nice day!

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