Wednesday, August 22, 2012

On to Carmacks

Leaving Dawson we started out toward Carmacks.

This is a view of the Tintina Trench which was formed by the Tintina fault the largest fault in North America.
Dramatic pointy mountain off in the distance.
 View from the overlook over Five Finger Rapids. A Bunch of Islands divide the Yukon river into several rapids here and they are very dangerous with only one being used in the pass for treacherous boat trips up the Yukon to Dawson.
A Natural Arch in one of the Finger that creates the rapids.

We hiked down to a closer overlook down 200+ stairs down which I had to carry Maxwell down. I am sure my brother has a snarky comment about it over on his blog.

Some more views of the fingers, I couldn't really get to a good spot to get all of them in view at once.

We didn't actually make it to Carmacks because there was a Yukon Provincial Campground right here and they are cheap and have free firewood. All the campgrounds in Carmacks are private and cost more and we don't need hookups today because we will be in Whitehorse next and have full hookups there.

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