Saturday, June 30, 2012

Catch-up day in Tok

Last night we got into Tok, Alaska.  It isn't much of a town but it does have a decent grocery story and gas stations. Up until two years ago it had an outdoor Salmon Bake but like I mentioned yesterday that is one of the interesting things that has faded away.

We did however eat at Fast Eddies a place recommended to us by at least 3 different sets of people along the way, they used to run the Salmon Bake.  This is our first dinner out in several weeks and only I think our third dinner out.  A week or so ago we ate out for lunch in Whitehorse and I believe that was only our second or third lunch out. We haven't eaten a single breakfast out. Not to bad for 36 days of travelling. I will admit we have gone out for ice cream a couple times and baked goods 3 or 4 times usually after hikes. Other than those we've eaten really good, I have gone down a belt notch!

Fast Eddies was pretty good, it had a salad bar and a pretty big menu. It was the first dinner out we ate with my brother and his wife as well and we all enjoyed being waited on! I had prime rib, Will and Reen had Chicken Parm and Al had a pizza with Canadian Bacon (um a little late for that we are in the USA now) and sausage. 

Today was catch-up day. We all did laundry and spent a good amount of time on the internet which we hadn't had in a long while.  I think several naps were taken and Reen did some sewing.  Our fridge and cupboards were pretty much empty so we also went shopping.  As much as we've saved not eating out much food has been pretty expensive and sometimes pretty scarce, although I expect Alaska has a lot more stuff than the Yukon and norther British Columbia had, time will tell.

It rained basically all day, so it was pretty easy to have a lazy day indoors.  Most of this town's population are dog mushers or related to dog sled racing in some way. There was a related tourist stop I wanted to checkout but never got around to it. It would have been another tempting source of Husky Puppies and I am not sure I could have resisted.

Tomorrow we head south-ish towards Wrangell St Elias National Park.

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