Saturday, June 9, 2012

Walmart to Walmart

In this area of Canada there are a lot of Ukrainians even the Walmart sells specialty Ukrainian foods.

We didn't actual do an shopping today we just woke up, had breakfast and got back on the road.

Here is a picture of the Moose Jaw Walmart.

Lloydminster was our destination. We did get there but it was very early in the day and the Walmart was way too crowded for an overnight stay.

We used the internet at the McDonald's there to check on where my brother ended up camping in Edmonton. There was no email yet and it was so early we just decided to keep driving.

At a gas station someplace in the middle of no where we got gas across from these puppies. The one on the left looks just like Maxwell's best buddy Gus.

Their owner was nice and was wearing an Alaska Sweatshirt. I chatted with him for a moment and then went in to checkout the store.

Some smoked bison sausage and a map caught my attention and we got back on the road.
 As we exited Saskatchewan and entered Alberta we stopped at their Tourist center to pickup some info. With no internet on our phones in Canada we needed actual paper information.

Eventually we decided we were hungry and pulled off into the Town of Vegreville and found the Walmart. It was nice an quiet. After feeding Max we walked to "Boston Pizza" next door and had dinner and watched the Stanley Cup. Boston Pizza restaurants are everywhere and they have nothing to do with Boston at all.

We ended up driving our 2nd highest milage of 405 miles with a total distance of 3044.

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