Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Watson Lake to Teslin Lake

Today was another mostly driving day, again a shorter one (about 150 miles).

We did a tiny bit of shopping in Watson Lake mostly for milk and some extra stuff we wanted to make chili.

It wasn't the cheapest town to buy stuff and in two nights we will be in a bigger town with better stores anyway.
I kept checking the road side water for moose but didn't see any.
We did another short hike again to some waterfalls. We also ate lunch at some picnic tables at this little park. Short stops like this make the driving a lot easier.

I am still kind of amazed we rarely listen to music or Car Talk or anything while driving. The scenery and animal viewing just keeps your attention focused. And looking up when the next gas station or possible piece of homemade pie might be.
This bird was on the trail of the hike and I thought it was a Ptarmigan but it might have also been some kind of grouse. We checked the book later on but still aren't 100% sure which it was.
Finally we arrived at our destination Teslin which historically is where a lot of Tlingit peoples lived.

The building of the highway radically changed their lives. This bridge is the longest of any on the Alaska Highway.

We snagged a 12$ campsite with free firewood on the lake for the night.

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