Friday, June 29, 2012

Finally in Alaska!

After a bunch of short or no driving days today's 200+ mile drive seemed extra long. Maybe because we were finally getting to Alaska.

Or maybe because the last section of the highway in the Yukon before you get to Alaska is in the worst condition of any stretch of the highway.

Here you can stand one foot in the USA and one in Canada!

And we get to change to Alaska Time Zone, not that time means anything since we haven't had a dark night since about Edmonton.

Goodbye Yukon!  You parks were beautiful and your camping cheap.

Our Rigs framed by the Welcome sign. After these shots we had to go through customs which was pretty quick this time.

On the way we had gone through Burwash Landing and a small museum and this the worlds largest Gold Pan. It was nice to see another large thing, we hadn't seen one in a while.

We also stopped in at a dilapidated but open lodge on the highway, and elderly couple was there with a mess of merchandise strewn around, they were drinking coffee and more than willing to share some stories and jokes. It was a sad reminder of all the closed interesting highway places that are now gone.

We've been told most of the stuff has closed over the last 15 years as tourist traffic on the road has decreased. It probably was much more fun back in the days. Sadly a lot of the guide books aren't that up to date and we are disappointed that several Salmon Bakes, Carts selling Cinnamon Buns and aCrepe Place  are all gone.

All in all the over 4700 miles we've already driven to Alaska have been a lot of fun.

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