Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rendezvous in Edmonton

After driving extra yesterday we were only 60 miles outside of Edmonton so today would be an easy drive.

Thanks to the free WiFi at McDs we found out my brother had decided to camp at Rainbow Valley Campground which is in a park right in the city of Edmonton. He reserved us a site and everything.
We got into Edmonton around 11:30 and checked right into our very muddy campground. After some muddy hikes in ND I am over mud but what can you do.

It was only the 2nd site we had to back the trailer into and it went OK. The campground had been fully booked but all the rain scared people away.

Another hour or so we spend setting up and hanging out with my brother and his wife before we realized we were all hungry and made some sandwiches.

Since the weather was still kind of yuck we all jumped in truck and went to Muttart Conservatory to checkout out some greenhouses.
The conservatory is split into 4 Pyramids each with it's own climate (Arid, Temperate, Tropical and "Featured Plants").

We just made it at the start of the last tour which was great. Our guide was a little quirky but very knowledgeable, I think we all learned a bunch of things we have never known before.

Leaving the greenhouses we drove a bit through Edmonton just to get a feel for the city. But the rain really had us all tired so we didn't do any more sight seeing.

We only drove 76 miles our shortest drive day yet!

The campground is in a long park that follows a river. After dinner we took Max for about a 3 or 4 mile walk and saw some beavers.

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