Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On to Whitehorse, the big city!

Today we have plenty of time so we head back to the Tlingit Heritage center. They are having a big tribal meeting so some of it is off limits and we get in for a slight reduced rate.  We had learned a lot about the people from the George Johnston Museum the night before. He was a famous photographer Tlingit who also owned the only car in Teslin way back in the day.
In the winters he drove the car on the lake painted white to hunt in.

Not all that easy a task considering he had to drain the radiator and keep it from freezing over a fire whenever he wasn't driving.

On the short only barely over 100 mile drive we spot this totally cute cub. Since entering the Yukon the number of animals along the road has really dropped.

Soon after the cub we come to Johnson Crossing to get gas and world famous cinnamon buns. Johnson Crossing sounds so fancy but it is a campground, gas station and little cafe all in one and nothing else.

The buns were delicious and were our lunch. Terrible for us I know but I purposely had a small breakfast.

Our short day over we get into Whitehorse and pull into the first campground on the way to town, it is one of two we expected to checkout. In the end we just grabbed two sites as they were getting filled up pretty quickly and we didn't want to take any chances, the sites are great all surrounded by trees and quiet. Kind of a shock as when you drive up the first thing you see is a huge parking lot of big bus RVs. It has WIFI which is how I am posting these but it doesn't reach the upper ridge where our nice sites are. So I am doing this from a nice clubhouse room down below. It is 10pm and the sun is still beaming into the windows. We are sitting still for at least 3 nights which will be nice, we are ahead of "schedule" which is a loose spreadsheet that means nothing.

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