Sunday, June 24, 2012

Whitehorse to Haines Junction

After our longest stay anywhere of 4 nights we got on the road for our next destination.  We are heading to Haines Junction and Kluane National Park.

These are the mountains we are heading to. The front range hides a giant ice field of mountains behind and Canada's highest Mountain, Mt Logan.
Satdly you cant easily get to anyplace to see Mt Logan except my multi-day trek or by flying.

There are ice fields and glaciers you can take flight tours to see as well.

We are heading to a small lake near one side of the park called Pine Lake.
Today's drive was really short at about 130 miles. That is a nice distance, and we get into our provincial camp nice and early. 12$ / night again and free firewood. Also all the mosquitoes you can attempt to kill!

We were in so early we hit the info center and got descriptions of hikes and saw a movie on the park.

After getting camp setup we talk to the ranger who says they have had a 2 year old bear around and we should be on the lookout. Will and I head to the public day use area of the lake and take a very very cold swim.  We all turn in early as we plan to do a nice hike tomorrow.

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