Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sheep Creek Trail and a Grizzly

I know another hike! This makes 4 hikes in 6 days for us. Today's is Sheep Creek, we are supposed to see Dahl Sheep.

This hike isn't supposed to be too bad, only 6 miles round trip. The first half is basically a constant up-hill climb, but unlike some of the other hikes the trail is nice and smooth and the bugs aren't too bad.
This is our view as we hike up and up and up.

We had another visitor, this time he was a little early for lunch.

From the highest point on our hike we were lucky to have good weather and be able to see the toe of a Glacier.

We hiked till we reached a canyon over looking 48 Pup Creek. Like the King's Throne hike there was a ridge we could have added to this hike but it was too windy.

The ridge trail didn't look like it would add any views to this hike and we were tired so we skipped it.

At the bottom of the trail we read a sign about a person who was killed by a grizzly on this trail in 1996.

After we were eating dinner back at camp my brother came knocking on our door to tell us there was a Grizzly bear in our campground!

Amazing! He lumbered around the field eating (and pooping) and eventually walked away.

Then he came back a little later and we went out to see him again.
You can see just how close the Grizzly was. That is will taking his picture.

He was a young Grizzly but still very big, probably almost as big as any of the Black bears we have seen so far.

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