Monday, June 4, 2012

MN to Jamestown ND

Today we packed up and left MN, it was entirely a driving day. We didn't make any stops along the way except a brief one for iced coffee.

Here the first picture I took of the day is already at the campground in Jamestown ND.

The campground has Buffalo literally 25 ft from our site.  It is also right next to a Museum and the World Largest Buffalo (Statue).

Sadly that giant Chuckwagon Building is no longer a restaurant. They still have one but who wants to eat in it if it isn't shaped like a Chuckwagon

Baby Bufalo!

On the plus side the campground had decent WiFi so I was able to get these last few posts written.

We didn't have time tonight to see the museum or the giant Buffalo so that will have to wait till the morning.

Tonight must have been a full moon it rose and looked huge above the Buffalo enclosure.

Today we drove 355 Miles mostly on Route 10. Although unlike previous smaller roads the speed limit was really high so we didn't get as good milage (10.5 mpg), however gas was pretty cheap I think we paid $ 3.39 / gallon.

We just missed hitting total distance of 2000 miles!

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