Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Journey to Dawson Creek

The Ciemian Caravan of Two breaking for lunch.

We are on the way from Edmonton to Dawson Creek.
My brother Al read that the Tourist Center in Grande Prairie had a free Bison BBQ on Wednesdays.

Luck was on our side and it was Wednesday (it is easy to lose track of the day of the week on the road).

So we enjoyed free dinner even if it was a little early for dinner.

Although there were lots of camping places we decided to drive some more and make it all the way to Dawson Creek.

Here is the first road sign pointing our way to Alaska!
Giant Roadside Beaver!

We made it to Dawson Creek and found our way to the Walmart there for a free night of camping, there wasn't much else to the town, so I walked to a Canadian Tire to get a few hardware items I needed.

After dinner we all walked across the street to a pub that wasn't really fully open yet but was serving drinks. We were advised not to get draft beer as the taps hadn't been cleaned from last season yet so we drank some overpriced bottled beers.

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